Easiest Way to Cold Brew Coffee Overnight

This method of cold brewing requires a French Press, coarse grounds and 2 minutes of your time. It involves no heat and is perfect for traveling. After the 2 minutes of prep work, it takes 8 hours in your fridge to complete.

When I tell people how I brew my coffee, I have found that no one has heard of this easy method so I decided to write a post about it. Even a few weeks ago, I thought cold brewing coffee was outside my realm of what’s possible at home. I invite you to reply to this post if you think there’s an even better way to brew or if you think there are disadvantages to brewing coffee in this manner. I have not read about cold brewing enough to know much of the implications of not using heat. And so it goes.

Cold Brewing Coffee.

The Necessities:

Coffee Grounds (preferably coarse)
French Press
Spoon (for stirring)
Ice (preference)
1 Glass

The Method:

First thing’s first: you need your French Press out, perhaps place it on a counter so it doesn’t have to hover in midair. Grab the grounds. I usually just eye it, but I checked as I wrote this: 1/2 cup of grounds is perfect. In the photo I have Halcyon grounds because my wife received this little package as a gift yesterday. Halcyon is an amazing coffee bar in downtown Austin.

How to cold brew coffee Halcyon Austin

The allknowing french press
The allknowing french press
How to cold brew coffee
1/2 cup of grounds in the press
1/2 cup of grounds in the press

So you have the grounds in the French Press. Now turn on your faucet and pour cold water into the press until it is about an inch from the top. At this point you will grab your spoon.

Stir for about 2 minutes or until you get bored. I’m usually a 20 second stirrer. It should now look like this:

How to cold brew coffee

Put top on. DO NOT PLUNGE!
Put top on. DO NOT PLUNGE!

Place in fridge with plunger up
Place in fridge with plunger up

So now you have the French Press in the refrigerator and you have the plunger up. I do this so much that I had to move the shelves up a notch to be able to fit the plunger in there. You can also screw off the rod to make room but I do this almost twice a day so I’m not about to do that.

You need to let it sit in the fridge for over 6 hours. I think 8 hours is perfect. I always do the above steps before bed and again when I wake up – my wife and I bought a second french press so we always have cold brew available. No more heat is used in our household for coffee but I’m sure when Texas cools down in December we’ll start making hot coffee.

Okay, the 8 hours has passed. Remove your French Press from the fridge and place on counter. Plunge the hell out of that press, you deserved it. Getchya some ice and fill up a glass. Pour the desired cold brew coffee into the glass. The best part of cold brew is that there is no BITTER taste. The HEAT is what brings out the bitter taste in coffee. I’ll leave you with these photos. –JWB

How to cold brew coffee french press easiest way to cold brew
How to cold brew coffee

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