Ko Lanta Ferry Ride from Ko Phi Phi

The easiest part of booking the ferry from Ko Phi Phi to Ko Lanta is booking the ferry from Ko Phi Phi to Ko Lanta. The part of this journey we would like to help you with is advice on getting transportation once you arrive on Ko Lanta. But first: the price of this ferry ride should be at its lowest 250 baht and you shouldn’t have to pay more than 300 baht. Our hotel, Beacha Club booked it for us.

Now for the travel tip: a general rule is that you’ll find a cheaper Ko Lanta taxi price the closer you get to the island even though the distance for the taxi service never changes. In other words, we were looking for transportation from the Ko Lanta pier (Ban Saladan) to Klong Nin, that distance never changed. But you are going to be hassled the entire way from the Ko Phi Phi pier to the Ko Lanta pier for a taxi service – and even overnight accommodation even if you already have a place! Salesman (and women) on the ferry will say they have a cheaper place.

So Salesman #1 at the Ko Phi Phi pier said it was 700 baht to taxi from Ban Saladan to Klong Nin. He told us he knew everyone on Ko Lanta and it’s the cheapest price. Everything we heard about Ko Lanta being desolate, we didn’t know if this was a believable thing or not but we kept our minds open to cheaper prices.

Salesman #2 was on the ferry ride, someone going from person to person trying to earn their commission. He said 500 baht. Another asked us and we started telling everyone that we’re staying with a friend and our friend is picking us up at the pier. “Nothing beats free!” They quickly moved on to the next potential client.

Salesman #3 and #4 actually followed us once we got to the pier at Ban Saladan. They were both tweeting in our ears as we stuck to our plan of quickly walking past the pier hustlers to the cafes along the shore. They were saying all kinds of things and ignoring them, they eventually moved on to someone else.

Salesman #5 said 400 baht, but we wanted to eat at a place called Catfish in Ban Saladan that was quite delicious so we declined.

Salesman #6 was actually just cruising by us as we left Catfish and we had to stop him (as opposed to him approaching us). We asked how much from Ban Saladan to Klong Nin and his first response was 300 baht, we didn’t have to bargain. That’s less than half the cost of the original taxi service estimate!

The tip here is there might be an attraction to convenience and getting the “figuring it out” over with by settling for a price but if you come up with a plan and stick to it (our plan was to walk past the ferry salesmen and find a local taxi) you’ll save some money that you can spend elsewhere. Since taxi rides were our highest expenses on our two week trip, we wanted to bargain as much as possible.

Please, email us if you have any more advice on this ferry ride! We’d like to hear your thoughts and we can always post some of your information and credit you of course. Our goal is to help travelers that are figuring the journey out as they go. NomadicGear@gmail.com

-Tip written by JWB

Ko Lanta Ferry Ride

Ko Lanta from Ko Phi Phi

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