Volcanic Thai Food at Thai, How Are You?

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Thai, How Are You? is contradictory in nature. It’s a “popular” hole in the wall but it’s also home to one of the most famous landmarks in Austin: The “Hi How Are You” Frog that Daniel Johnston painted. Of course, the name is a play on the famous mural and features amazing Thai food and a cozy dine-in environment. Looking at reliable lists of Thai places in Austin, Thai How Are You? rarely makes the cut but today my wife Brandi and I ate something that we will never forget. Our meal inspired me to write a damn post about it which I never do. I’ll cut to the chase.

The Pad Thai was amazing. I’ll be honest here, nothing will compare to the Pad Thai we ate in Thailand, especially a specific meal we had on Ko Phi Phi Ley. And Thai Passion’s Pad Thai dwarfed Thai How Are You’s. It was still good. However, we ordered the Volcano sushi rolls and what came to our table left us speechless. Not only presentation, but the goopy, creamy, vibrant bites of sushi were the best sushi rolls I’ve ever had. Brandi made some faces I’ve never seen before. In the middle of the “wheel” of rolls was a porcelain cup of FIRE. I kept grabbing a bite of sushi and ROASTING it over the fire before I gobbled it. Anyways, this place is terrific in every way but the only reason I’m recommending it is to tell you one thing. Order the Volcano Sushi Rolls. I’ll leave you with photos of the said rolls. –JWB

Thai How Are You Volcano Sushi Roll 3

Thai How Are You Volcano Sushi Roll 4

Thai, How Are You? Is located on the Drag on Guadalupe St.

2100 Guadalupe St Austin, Texas 78705

Thai How Are You? Austin Sushi
Thai How Are You? Austin Sushi

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