Why You Should Visit Cádiz in Southern Spain

Cádiz is one of the smallest but most popular towns in Spain, going back to Christopher Columbus’s activity involving his fleet of ships. You can still sense the protected nature of the city with the main Cádiz area being surrounded by a layer of walls. This inner city district is referred to as Cádiz, Cádiz […]

The BEST Thai Iced Tea in Austin

The Thai restaurant that designs the BEST Thai Iced Tea in Austin is Thai Kitchen. This place makes an orange, glowing lubricant housed in a styrofoam vessel that traps the deliciousness inside. A thirty minute process ensues after ordering while twenty five people calculate and combine materials, fabrics and softeners to infuse… Actually, now that […]

8 Reasons to Visit the Azores

My wife and I visited the Azores in May/June of 2016 on the island of São Miguel and our opinion is based on our experience from this beautiful island. We were joined by Annemarie (American living in Galicia), Talia (American living in Lisbon) and Ramon (Catalan man). Please write us if you have a question […]