Respect in the Virgin Islands 4 (Almost) LIVE – PreGame

POST TRIP UPDATE: Check out the Video and Photos after we got back from the Caribbean.

And now the pre-trip story:

Nomadic Gear is excited to bring you Respect in the Virgin Islands 4 (Almost) LIVE which is the almost LIVE video cast of our 4th boat trip to the British Virgin Islands. The idea is that we will be uploading a “What-Happened-Yesterday” Video of our trip each morning to give you an almost LIVE experience and we’ll ask you guys for guidance along the ride. We might post a question like “Should we make Jon do a backflip off Willie T’s Floating Bar or should we each take 5 shots of rum?” to make the trip interactive. Then you’ll get to see what we did the following day.

Day 1 starts on Saturday, November 12th so be ready for the kickoff – our first posting will be on Nov.13th as we recap the day before. Our last day will be considered Day 8, which is Saturday, November 19th. This last video will be an ending to the trip, but also a short recap of the whole week. As we will consider this the (Almost) LIVE series of Respect in the Virgin Islands 4, we will be releasing a 25-30 minute recap of our BVI experience Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017. We’re excited for you guys to experience our adventures in the Caribbean! You’ll be able to follow and reply to our videos on YouTube, Twitter or on Facebook.

The Nomads on this Respect trip:

Philip Becker
Jon Becker
Ryan Gonzales
Jacob Wayne Bondesen

Catch up on the 3 earlier Respect videos:

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