6 Coffee Shops in Urban Denver

This past weekend we enjoyed a few days in Denver visiting my brother and some friends, old and new. Brandi and I have spent the past two months officially working together full-time in the realm of videography which involves hours and hours of editing each day on a computer.
Trying to mix up our background a few times per week, we decided to work in Denver this early October so that our backdrop would be one of the late fall variety which we rarely see in Texas. Visiting a hand full of coffee shops (and breweries) we made a list of 5 great work environments around the Lower Downtown area of urban Denver.

1. The Weathervane Cafe

Eclectic facade screams coffee.

This landmark is definitely my favorite shop we visited – cozy is the perfect word to describe it. It feels as if you’re visiting someone’s home and has a quiet study room next to a social space upstairs. With an inviting facade, it offers espresso treats and specialty sandwiches with interesting supplemental options. Recommended if you’re trying to be productive or if you’re looking for a local spot to meet up. Welcome to Weathervane Coffee.

5 out of 5 Coffee Beans

2. Under the Umbrella Cafe and Bakery

This place truly feels like home. Everyone inside is genuinely interested in learning about their patrons creating that real local charm that so many coffee shops try to create. The limited seating can be solved with its front sidewalk patio but it remains cozy no matter how many people are cramped inside. It feels as though you’re walking into someone’s dwelling. Whether you’re hungry for breakfast or lunch, they have what you want. Their Under the Umbrella.

5 out of 5 Coffee Beans

3. St. Mark’s Coffee House

Brandi enjoys her raspberry treat.

A simple neighborhood coffee joint that has room for everyone. We went in here a couple of times and each time seemed to be quiet and welcoming for productivity. At the same time, we saw it get incredibly crowded offering evidence to its popularity. There was still room for everyone and the patios (front and back) weren’t even open because of the snow. A great place to work, socialize, eat and of course drink excellent coffee. I loved the pew style half-booths that populated the main wall inside.

4 out of 5 Coffee Beans

4. ink! Coffee

Commons Park across the street

A little less cozy, this place has great sprawl for its urban setting and sits across from a giant green park with landscape views of downtown. It fits the list for work environments and is only a walk away from many breweries including the popular Denver Beer Co. The patio feels as if it spills into the street but gives variety to the smaller tables inside. Check this place out if you’re strolling through Commons Park. Read more Ink Coffee!

3 out of 5 Coffee Beans

5. Amethyst Coffee

At the ground level of an interesting building

One of the neatest facades I’ve seen for a coffee shop, this brightly lit art room is located in a black-bricked business center downtown. The coffee is superb and they have two local types of beer on tap. They also have a fire pit outside which is basically in the parking lot. Definitely worth checking out! Here’s Amethyst Coffee.

4 out of 5 Coffee Beans

6. Black Eye Coffee (Cap Hill)

The seating is amazing

I think this was my favorite coffee shop we visited in Denver. They have all types of seating including giant rounded booths, bar stool seating, and community style tables in the middle. Their coffee was great and they specialize in breakfast and other delicious treats. The bathroom was insanely clean which is always a plus! Here’s their Black Eye Coffee.

5 out of 5 Coffee Beans

*Bonus* Trident Booksellers and Cafe

Smells like new book.

This can be considered more of an honorary shop but Trident outside of Denver is worth mentioning. Packed on weekends and on the main touristy corridor in Boulder, Trident takes book-oriented coffee shops to another level. Their tasty treats and welcoming staff make it a great place to work on things or read a fresh book. Very close to the famous Boulder Book Store, it paves a way up for the Boulder book-loving community. They have a couple shops worth of width giving the store a long front porch area and the inside includes a covered back patio with a sandbox for kids to play in. This was a perfect place to post up after our short drive to Boulder. Trident’s Trident Coffee Boulder.

5 out of 5 Coffee Beans

Shops from the above list make Denver a great place to be productive if you are able to work from your computer. We missed so many coffee joints while visiting but we plan to spend more time in this mile high city in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. –JWB

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