Nomadic Gear Best of 2016 Travel

Our Nomads went to a lot of places in 2016. Each January we create a video to recap our past year of travel and it’s all thanks to you and your footage that we’ve been to so many badass places. Filming your trips allows you to relive a lot of those memories and letting us edit them for you creates content for us – AND you get a trip-video out of it! So a huge Thank You to everyone that contributed. This year we ended up in the Azores islands West of Portugal, Barcelona, Cádiz, Morocco, Munich, Galicia, Romania, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Cozumel, Washington DC, Austin and Oahu.

Also, check out our 2015 “Best Of” which features trip footage from Thailand, Bali, Singapore, Oahu, Barcelona, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Austin, Colorado, Arkansas, Uvalde and Chicago.

Nomadic Gear Respect in the Virgin Islands 4

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