Pearl to Blue Star – San Antonio Brewery Biking #urbanSA

Part of the #urbanSA series.
Pearl to Blue Star Bike Riding San Antonio

San Antonio is becoming more bike friendly, especially downtown so I aim to report on the growth as it is happening. There will be a surge in urban San Antonio development and I will be showing you guys from a ground level perspective. This ride features the Riverwalk, in its almost-entirety, from the Pearl Brewery (to the North) to Blue Star Brewery (to the South). You really shouldn’t bike along the old part of the Riverwalk which is also known as the most touristy district. It becomes super tight at times and it can be pedestrian-busy although our video was shot circa 8 am allowing us to ride gracefully. Another factor is that there are a series of 1-2 sometimes 3 steps, not huge staircases but definitely some steps here and there. You can definitely hop over, hop down, hop sideways but they tend to come out of nowhere so just watch the ground. The Riverwalk really opens up once you get North or South of the main downtown stretch.

Here’s the video.

If you really wanted to go from Pearl to Blue Star I suggest riding along the streets through downtown. You can literally take pass Broadway from the Pearl to get to N Alamo street, take that South past the Alamo (the street turns into Alamo Plaza), you’ll pass the Red Art Sculpture (aka Tower of Friendship) and the road turns into S Alamo. Keep going until you pass over the San Antonio River again after King William District and you’re there. Alamo Street only goes a couple more blocks before it turns into S Frio St at Interstate 35/I-10. We will shoot this bike ride soon. –JWB

Pearl to Blue Star Bike Riding San AntonioPearl to Blue Star Bike Riding San AntonioPearl to Blue Star Bike Riding San Antonio Courthouse

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