Enchanted Rock – Texas Hill Country

This past weekend we made the two hour trek from San Antonio out to Enchanted Rock Natural Area near Fredericksburg.

See a map of the park here.

At the top of the rock.

Enchanted Rock is a large pink granite dome in the middle of the Texas Hill Country, great for a day trip of hiking. The rock is an exfoliation dome, so it’s constantly shedding it’s top layer of rock, visible in the pictures below:

The beginning of the trek.

Day entry is $7 per person — cash only!

We parked at the beginning of the Summit & Loop Trails and hiked up the Summit. It’s an easy hike, but pretty steep at parts, so shoes with decent traction is highly recommended.

We enjoyed a little picnic once we reached the summit, then hiked down the western face of the rock (off the trail), crossed over the Echo Canyon Trail, then made our way up the Little Rock where we watched the sunset. The temperature dropped quickly as the sun set, so we headed back down the southern side of the rock and found ourselves back on the beginning of the Summit Trail and to the car.

We love this day trip from central Texas, and enjoyed dinner and live music in Fredericksburg afterwards! We now leave you with some visuals – hopefully you can see how beautiful this park is from home! Let us know if you visit – Brandi Bondesen

Click to view our Map!

2 thoughts on “Enchanted Rock – Texas Hill Country

  1. Jordan

    Beautifully documented- give me more sloping rocks, sunsets, German sausage and way too many beer flights! Can’t wait to go back.

    • NomadicGear

      Well, thank you! You always know where to explore. Another park visit soon to come!

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