Enchanted Rock – Texas Hill Country

This past weekend we made the two hour trek from San Antonio out to Enchanted Rock Natural Area near Fredericksburg. See a map of the park here. Enchanted Rock is a large pink granite dome in the middle of the Texas Hill Country, great for a day trip of hiking. The rock is an exfoliation […]

6 Coffee Shops in Urban Denver

This past weekend we enjoyed a few days in Denver visiting my brother and some friends, old and new. Brandi and I have spent the past two months officially working together full-time in the realm of videography which involves hours and hours of editing each day on a computer. Trying to mix up our background […]

Swanky Mint Hostel – Zagreb, Croatia

A pool at our hostel?! Sold. Better yet, this was after finding that a private room (with an ensuite bathroom) would only run us about $15 per night, per person. We’d been planning the ultimate trip, and had already dished out quite a bit of dinero. Zagreb, the capital, would be our first stop in […]

There is Croatia, then there is Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is the most epic city I’ve ever been to. The entire Old Town is jaw-dropping and every corner has a bit of history from defensive structures to earthquake rattled towers and on to modern amenities. We quickly realized how different it is from Croatia, hence the title of this post. Our Airbnb host told […]

Longest Hikes in All 50 States

Preface: The other day I Googled “Longest hike in Texas” to find the Lone Star Hiking Trail that I had never known about. I’ve spent 30 years in Texas so I was surprised that it was 96 miles and no one has mentioned it throughout my many conversations about hiking in Texas. I spent some […]