Day Trip: Blue Point Beach & Uluwatu

I don’t even know why you wouldn’t – if you’re in Bali, please check out Blue Point Beach and Uluwatu. In the same trip – it’s very doable. A lot of people say that the island of Bali looks like a Snoopy head. If that were true, Blue Point and Uluwatu would be located on […]

Jacob Wayne Bondesen SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS

Featured Video with Jacob Bondesen *Jacob Wayne Bondesen has shot the majority of current Nomadic Gear content. The following list is of videos that Jacob appears in. São Miguel – Azores Islands 2016 (2017) Pearl to Blue Star – Biking S.A. (2017) Best of Nomadic Gear 2016 (2017) Respect in the Virgin Islands 4 (2017) […]