Soggy Dollar Baby Wins at Ring Toss

As we begin our journey through the British Virgin Islands on our Respect in the Virgin Islands 4 trip, we meet a talented young man on Jost Van Dyke. Before he gained the ability to speak, he became a world renown ring toss champion and cup stacking genius. The video above shows his innate talents […]

Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is one of the most popular islands in the BVI because of two (arguably four!) reasons: Foxy Callwood and Soggy Dollar Bar. Foxy has done so much to the public’s image of the British Virgin Islands and has his famous bar (Foxy’s Tamarind Bar) on the bay of Great Harbour. Soggy Dollar […]

Painkiller of the Caribbean

What’s a better rum drink than the Painkiller? Nothing. The answer in the dictionary, thesaurus¬†and encyclopedia is nothing. Rum of course is the most consumed liquor in the Caribbean – created from sugarcane and molasses. The Painkiller is a tropical drink that was first made on Jost Van Dyke at the Soggy Dollar Bar in […]