British Virgin Islands Respect in the Caribbean

The British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean

Respect British Virgin Islands Sailing British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are Nomadic Gear’s most visited location for adventure at the moment – once a year we island hop around the main central island of Tortola and visit the other large islands along with smaller islands in between. Prices are relatively higher than neighboring countries – compared to the BVI, the United States Virgin Islands are super cheap for accommodations, drinks, groceries, etc. Part of the reason is because the BVI are not as populated. While island hopping, we don’t see too many people except others in the same (however literally different) boat.

Just as the Caribbean is known for rum, the BVI does not disappoint. Callwood Rum from the Callwood family is some of the best rum in the world. Pusser’s is popular and is exported all over the region including the United States. Partying is easy to find and so is utter relaxation. Beaches are everywhere and are some of the most beautiful in the world and are not as touched as most beaches. The latest featured video we have produced in the British Virgin Islands is from the Respect series:

A BVI Island Guide will help you begin planning your trip.

While visiting, we have produced a lot of content about each of the islands. Feel free to browse and please comment if you have been to any of these islands!

Our latest from the BVI!

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