Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is one of the most popular islands in the BVI because of two (arguably four!) reasons: Foxy Callwood and Soggy Dollar Bar. Foxy has done so much to the public’s image of the British Virgin Islands and has his famous bar (Foxy’s Tamarind Bar) on the bay of Great Harbour. Soggy Dollar Bar is unique because the most attractive way (and most common) is to anchor your boat near the shore of White Bay and dinghy onto the beach where the bar is. It’s easy to grab a few Painkillers – Soggy Dollar is the birthplace of this rum drink – and wade into the magnificent blue sea water. Here’s a look at the bar on White Bay:

I said “arguably four” earlier because, in my opinion, two other popular attractions are on this island. The Bubbly pool on the opposite side and Vinny Terranova, the owner of Corsairs. The bar is a great bar and JR makes some great drinks and amazing pizza. They are famous for having Absinthe available and the parties here get out of control. The nightlife is similar to Willie T’s of Norman Island with less nudity. Although the bar itself is great, Vinny definitely makes it an experience in itself by being himself. He has helped us many times with recommendations and is very knowledgable about the islands. Here is a look at Vinny Terranova.

Soggy Dollar Bar Mic

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